Intermarriage: Latina's Perspective

Produced by: 
Priscilla Cintron-Jamal
10 min

Maria Rosario Kolecki's husband is Polish and has "no sense of rhythm in his hips when it comes to Latin music." But he "gets" her in a way that no man, Latino or otherwise has, and she spends no time fretting that he's not the Latino others expected her to marry. Rosario-Kolecki is one of four Puerto Rican women who have married outside their culture -- to Polish, Jewish or African American men -- who share their personal experiences, viewpoints and challenges.

"Many Puerto Rican women are marrying outside their ethnic group, which may be a reflection of their unhappiness with Latino men and their machismo," says videomaker Priscilla Cintron-Jamal, somewhat controversially, in the beginning of the video. Cintron-Jemal included her own story of marriage to a non-Latino man, and used each of the four stories to addresses stereotypes (some) Latinos have toward intermarriage ("Why would you ruin the race like that?"), as well as personal strategies for dealing with them. Hint: Laughter, exasperated "schooling," and tolerance are high on the list.

Priscilla Cintron-Jamal lives in Ventnor, NJ and is happily married to her non-Latino husband.

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

May 14, 1994 - Part of the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema's 9th Annual Festival of Independents