Girard Avenue – A New Destination

Produced by: 
West Girard Community Council with Scribe Video Center
9 min 35 sec

VIdeomaking Consultant - Rini Keagy

Humanities Consultant - Renee Hobbs

Post Production - Sara Leavitt

This video is available for purchase as part of a Precious Places Community History Project Vol.2 compilation DVD.

Girard Avenue at 27th Street is a vibrant neighborhood shopping district featuring a plethora of small, locally-owned businesses. The third-generation-owned Young's Candies has been using many of the same recipes for over a century. Diverse eateries and specialty businesses including Soul Food to Go, The Hat Shoppe, and Rose's Deli enjoy a dedicated clientele of locals. A well-supported community garden and a farmers market make wholesome additions to this busy, pedestrian-friendly area. So it was no surprise that neighbors banded together to oppose the planned building of a McDonalds fast food joint in 2002. The neighbors argued that they wanted to buy local, and that what the community really needed was a supermarket. They were partially successful: although still awaiting a supermarket, today no McDonald's imposes on the rich local flavors. Girard Avenue – A New Destination documents the multifaceted businesses and community life of this Brewerytown and West Girard neighborhood through the voices of its many business owners, local shoppers, and community organizations.