An Elder's Story

Produced by: 
Chester Consortium for Creative Community with Scribe Video Center, Videomaking and Humanities Consultant and Post Production - Manuel Diaz-Barriga
9 min 21 sec

This video is available for purchase as part of a Precious Places Community History Project Vol.1 compilation DVD.

A huge electric sign in the neighborhood once proclaimed "What Chester Makes Makes Chester." These words begin the story of the former glory of a great industrial and cultural center on the Delaware River, a few miles south of Philadelphia. The documentary features the reminiscences of elderly residents who fondly recall the streets lined with shops and theaters, the factories and shipping docks by the river, and a large religious community of neighborhood churches. A sense of security and prosperity pervaded in those times, before the post-industrial economic and social changes of the 1960s. Says one resident, "We looked at that sign as our leaders saying to us: 'you can be someone, and be very proud, living in the community of Chester.'" Featuring interviews with residents and archive photos from the era, An Elder's Story is a lively journey back to the city's prosperous past and the good times that residents remember.