Street Movies! Opening Night

Saturday, August 1 at 8:00 PM

Taller Puertorriqueño, 2600 N. 5th Street

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Street Movies!

Our 23rd season of Street Movies! launches with a live performance and film screening at Taller Puertorriqueño on Saturday, August 1st. The live performance starts at 8:00 PM with the screenings starting when the sun goes down at 8:30 PM. This event is happening in partnership with Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, and will be simulcast live on PhillyCAM Local Cable Xfinity 66/966HD & Fios 29/30. The opening night event will also be available to stream live on Scribe's Facebook page. 


Equally Informed: Mask Up Philly!, from PhillyCAM
United States, 2020
01:40 runtime
PhillyCAM and Resolve Philly ask young kids about masks: how to put them on, why they are important, and more. With kids encouraging everyone to use masks, we hope to slow the spread of the virus.

The CubicBird, dir. Jorge Alberto Vega Rivera
Colombia, 2019
09:20 runtime
Pedro is a little bird, he lives in a birdcage and wants to be free since he was an egg. But one day he dreams with an owl who encourages him to break up his bondages. Pedro fills out the whole cage, he pushes and breaks it up; but now he has a geometric body. He became the CubicBird and flies to support his friends to get their own freedom.

Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo, dir. Daniel Novarro
United States, 2020
16:14 runtime
Teleported to an unfamiliar world, an insecure teenager must chase after his kid-genius stepsister and return her home before their mom gets back from dinner.

Plane Pretend, dir. Sharon Arteaga
United States, 2018
18:37 runtime
Set in 1980 South Texas, Pilar and her little brothers are ecstatic to take their first flight; but they must hide their excitement or they risk everything.

Firefly (Centella), dir. Claudia Claremi
Cuba, 2019
17:04 runtime
In Cuba the flight of fireflies, in the night, is said to be like a meeting of miniature spectres, weakened fires or wandering souls. Isabel invokes them and triggers the dance.

Plena and Bomba at the Puerto Rican Institute of Music, from Instituto Puertorriqueño de Música
Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places Program

United States, 2019
09:05 runtime
Plena and Bomba at the Puerto Rican Institute of Music profiles the director and instructor of PRIM, Alberto Pagán-Ramírez, and his students, united by their love for Puerto Rican music and its deeply historical musical traditions, particularly Plena and Bomba music.


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