Body of Work: Dorothea Braemer

Body of Work: Dorothea Braemer

September 8, 9, and 10, 2021, 7:00 PM
$5 admission each night

Dorothea Braemer is an award-winning independent mediamaker and Assistant Professor of Media Production at Buffalo State College. For ten years, she was the Executive Director at Squeaky Wheel, a media arts center in Buffalo, NY, where she launched Channels – Stories from the Niagara Frontier and The Buffalo Youth Media Institute, two documentary production initiatives inspired by her long-term experience working at Scribe. Dorothea received an MFA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. She lives in in Buffalo, NY with her husband Carl Lee and daughter Greta.


Wednesday, September 8, 7:00 PM

Random Notes of Ragpicker Woman (USA, 1996, 14 min) Ruminates about culturally specific origins of recycling practices, illuminating differences between Braemer and her mother.

Re: Mother (USA, 2006, 5 min)
An e-mail based argument between the filmmaker and her sister, discussing their mother’s future.

I am your mother/I am your daughter (USA, 2000, 1 min)
A sentence about motherhood, repeated over and over again.

Our House (USA, 2007, 4 min) 
A documentary about Braemer’s childhood home on Prinzeneiche 12 in Starnberg, Germany and her mother’s recollections when she first bought the house in 1962.

10 short documentaries about my childhood home (USA, 2010, 10 min)
Recounts how sisters struggle to reach common ground while dealing with the sale of the family house and their mother’s move to an assisted living situation.

Santa (USA, 2017, 3 min)
Braemer’s 10-year old daughter talks to her and her husband, Carl Lee about her disillusionment with Santa.

Snails (USA, 2021, 4 min)
A dream Braemer had during the pandemic about her mother.




Thursday, September 9, 7:00 PM

Searching for Paradise (USA, 2017, 29 min)
Explores three pioneering art initiatives in the changing cultural landscape of rural Brandenburg, Germany.

Schmidt’s (USA, 2002, 10 min)
Chronicles a Philadelphia community’s memories, hopes and fears regarding a former brewery and the now vacant site where it was located.

Earl Butz (USA, 2009, 3 min)
Juxtaposes a 1970’s instructional film about farm life with a critique of the farm policies of Earl Butz, Nixon’s Minister of Agriculture.

Good Soil (USA, 2011, 15 min)
Co-Directed by Carl Lee
Looks at one family’s effort to start a farm in the heart of a post-industrial Rust Belt city. 16mm film transferred to video.

Virgin Visions (USA, 1994, 41 min)
Co-directed by Terry Cafaro
Examines the effects monthly apparitions of the Virgin Mary have on a small town in New Jersey.




Friday, September 10, 7:00 PM

The Seven Deadly Sins (USA, 1999, 7 min)
Co-Directed by David Kluft
A reinterpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins, based on a ballet by Berthold Brecht.

The Last Adjunct (USA, 2019, 7 min)
A Brechtian 3-Act video about the plight of adjuncts.

“Be Good, Make Me Proud” - Arthur Eve and the Educational Opportunity Program (USA, 2021, 18 min)
Co-directed by Steve Peraza
A portrait about the pioneering Buffalo-based politician and Founder of the Educational Opportunity Program, a widely successful college mentoring and financial aid program.


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