Women Housing Women

Produced by: 
The Women's Community Revitalization Project

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Scribe Video Center Program:

The Community Visions program teaches documentary video-making skills to members of community organizations in Philadelphia, Chester and Camden (NJ). A powerful way to document community concerns, celebrate cultural diversity, and comment on the human condition, Community Visions is a part of Scribe’s mission to explore, develop and advance the use of video, film, audio and interactive technology as artistic tools and as tools for progressive social change.


Project Facilitator: Gretjen Clausing


Film Summary:

In this intimate portrait of the women of the Women's Community Revitalization Project (WCRP), a culturally and economically diverse group of tenants, staff and board members speak of their success in developing affordable housing for low-income and formerly homeless women.

Though WCRP is not the only group of female developers on the scene these days, the documentary short was originally conceived, in part, as a way to demystify the housing development and construction process and demonstrate that women can succeed in a male-dominated field. The jaunty video is also notable for something that remains unusual years after it was produced -- the matter-of-fact solicitation of input from low income and once-homeless women about the design and construction of the houses they'll soon be living in.

The Women's Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) is committed to social and economic justice for low-income women and their families. They develop housing and neighborhood facilities; provide supportive services; advocate for policy change; and honor leadership, dignity, and equity in our communities.

WCRP believes that when you start with women, you are at the core of communities and families. There is power in women working together to make change. WCRP has created a model that works for community development, putting that power to work for low-income women and their families.



February 8, 1993 - "Expressing Themselves," by Ann Kolson, The Philadelphia Inquirer


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