Peace In The Goodlands

Produced by: 
Centro Nueva Creacion

Individual Film Price:

Higher Education Institutions & Government Agency DVD | $49.95
K-12 & Public Libraries DVD | $49.95
Home Video DVD License – Restrictions Apply | $5.95



Community Visions Compilation Price:

This video is available for purchase as part of a Community Visions Vol.11 compilation DVD.

Higher Education Institutions & Government Agency DVD | $139.00
K-12 & Public Libraries DVD | $79.00
Home Video DVD License – Restrictions Apply | $20.00



Scribe Video Center Program:

The Community Visions program teaches documentary video-making skills to members of community organizations in Philadelphia, Chester and Camden (NJ). A powerful way to document community concerns, celebrate cultural diversity, and comment on the human condition, Community Visions is a part of Scribe’s mission to explore, develop and advance the use of video, film, audio and interactive technology as artistic tools and as tools for progressive social change.


Project Facilitators: Kerry Hustwit (with Sara Zia Ebrahimi)


Film Summary:

"The only time it seems we make the news is when something goes bad. Every time something goes bad, they'll have a sound truck out here filming. When do they ever show the good in our community? This is my home. You don't have the right to call it the Badlands. I live here."
- A frustrated young resident of "The Goodlands"

Centro Nueva Creacion's video honors residents of Philadelphia's West Kensington neighborhood who are redefining their community as a place of peace.

Centro Nueva Creation's mission is to transform their neighborhood by working with youth and families to create a better community. They believe that the assets of West Kensington outweigh the problems and that the area's youth and families have incredible resources for change. Although our community is often called "The Badlands" by the media, they like to promote it as "The Goodlands," a name more reflective of its current reality as a place where dramatic change is possible.



December 9, 2004 | "Scribe Video Center's Street Movies Undercover at Graterford Prison," Greater Philadelphia Film Office Web site (brief mention)


Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

February 2004 & 2005 | Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Philadelphia, PA)
May 2004 | Southeastern PA Synod's Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Assembly
June 2004 | Centro Nueva Creacion 10th Anniversary Celebration (Philadelphia, PA)
Spring 2004 | Winona Cotter High School in Minnesota as part of unit on community
June 8, July 6 and August 10, 2004 | DUTV Cable 57 (Philadelphia, PA)
July 20, 2004 | WYBE TV-35's Philadelphia Stories (Philadelphia, PA)
August 5, 2004 | Street Movies screening at Sturgis Playground (Philadelphia, PA)
August 7, 2004 | Street Movies screening at Eagles Park (Philadelphia, PA)
December 10, 2004 | Centro Nueva Creacion's Festival de la Luz en el Barrio (Philadelphia, PA)
September 10, 2005 | Hala Cine Latino Film Festival at the Civic Theatre (Allentown, PA)