Documentary History Project for Youth Vol. 21 - "Neighborhood Culture"

Produced by: 
2018 Documentary History Project for Youth

Documentary History Project for Youth Compilation Price:

Higher Education Institutions & Government Agency DVD | $139.00
K-12 & Public Libraries DVD | $79.00
Home Video DVD License – Restrictions Apply | $20.00



Scribe Video Center Program:

The Documentary History Project for Youth (DHPY) is an annual after-school, weekend and summertime digital media production workshop for middle and high school students. Each year, youth participants create short documentary films as a way to explore some aspect of the social, political and cultural history of Philadelphia. The compilation features 6 films.


Instructors: NaOme Richardson and Tony Heriza


Films Included In The Compilation:

Greenspace Amidst Building by Tymir Ovieda (Charter High School for Architecture) and Tamier Topping (Robert Lamberton)

This documentary explores the reasons why people need parks and why we all should continue to support and benefit from them in the future (00:05:44). Read more

A Tale of Two Neighborhoods by Malcolm Margasak (Julia R. Masterman) and Kaitlyn Petroski  (Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber)

This short recounts the stories of two women in two different Philadelphia neighborhoods, who are affected by gentrification (00:06:45). Read more

Life After Life by Nadja Mogileski (Philly Free School) and Chamar Dancy-Kegler (Belmont Charter High School)

This documentary follows one family and their community as they confront the loss of a young man and recounts the resilience it takes to continue living after tragedy (00:14:45). Read more

URooted by Lazhier Millner (Charter High School for Architecture) and Zion Stephen (Collegium Charter School)

This film compares and contrasts residents’ feelings about community, connection and culture in the suburbs and in the city of Philadelphia (00:04:49). Read more

B.O.N.E Talk by Kyla Gladney-Enos (Science Leadership Academy) and Madison Richardson (Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber)

This short documentary highlights black-owned businesses and their owners in West Philadelphia (00:09:36). Read more

One Expression of Self by Tezita Marquis (Upper Darby High School) and Jennifer Wilson (Arch Bishop Ryan High School)

This documentary is about how individuals came to express themselves through several art forms, including vogueing which is an art form in the LGBT community (00:13:35). Read more