Master Class

Festival Programmer’s Confidential – A workshop for independent filmmakers

DATE: Saturday June 26; TIME: 5:00PM-7:00PM

Instructor: Linda Blackaby
Fee: $25. $20 for Scribe and PIFVA members

After a mighty effort, you are nearing completion of your film and starting to face what’s next: How to send it out into the world.

Perhaps you’ve developed a distribution strategy, but are now confronted by a bewildering number of diverse film festivals. This workshop will provide an overview of the film festival world, how festival programmers make their decisions, discuss some general things about film festivals you need to understand, and present strategies for navigating a course that’s best for you and your film.

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Programming Arts and Craft

DATE: Saturday, June 26; TIME: 2:00-4:00 PM SPRING 2010

Instructor: Linda Blackaby
Fee: $25. $20 for Scribe and PIFVA members

A workshop for film and video programmers and curators

Film festivals and cultural film/video exhibition are not only something of an utopian enterprise, they have been called out as “one of the last hopes for [media] democracy”, by critic B. Ruby Rich. Programmers and curators have considerable responsibility – to the artists, the art, their community and audience, themselves (their vision or cause), and their colleagues, just for example. This workshop will explore ideas and best practices of the challenging work of programming film and video work for the public.

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Non-Fiction Film and the Collage Aesthetic

DATE: Saturday, June 12 TIME: 3:00 - 5:00PM SPRING 2010

Instructor: Rea Tajiri
Fee: $25. $20 Scribe & PIFVA members

In this Master Class filmmaker Rea Tajiri will discuss her approach to "collage aesthetic" which she has adopted as a creative process and auto ethnographic form. This form utilizes research, journaling, use of found archival materials; including photographs, film clips, advertisements, movement, and audio.

Participants should bring photographs, films which strike a chord, observed movement, recorded sounds in any media, music, and a notebook.


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Rights Free Archival Footage and Stills

Where are the treasures and how can I get my hands on them?

DATE: Thursday, April 29 TIME: 7:00– 9:00 PM; SPRING 2010

Instructor: Bonnie G. Rowan
Fee: $25. $20 for Scribe Members

Interested in doing a project that might involve using historical or archival footage and stills? Don't know what obstacles and costs might be involved given our copyright clearance culture?

D.C. based Media Historian and Researcher Bonnie G. Rowan presents an overview of, and strategies for, searching the collections at the National Archives, the Library of Congress and other sources of rights-free visuals. She will also explain the intricacies of using materials under the Fair Use doctrine.

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Self-Distributing Your Indy Film

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM, SPRING 2010

Instructor: S. Leo Chiang
Fee: $25. $20 for Scribe & WHYY Members

Self distribution can strike fear in the hearts of independent filmmakers and present a great challenge, yet there are many filmmakers that choose to self distribute.

In this class S. Leo Chiang will explain the ever growing world of self distribution to the educational market. He will explain the process of planning a direct mailing and email campaign, to getting the most out of non-theatrical screenings. He will also share his experience with the educational distribution efforts of A Village Called Versailles along with an introduction of New Day Films.

In partnership with ITVS Community Cinema and WHYY.

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