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Al Más Allá


Al Más Allá
Monday, November 1, 2010
7PM @ Prince Music Theater

After absconding with illegal drugs that wash ashore on the Mayan coast, three Mexican fishermen sell them to the corrupt local police for a handsome sum. An experimental documentary that uses fictional elements, Al Más Allá places the personal moral degeneration of the fishermen in the political context of a nation struggling on the edge of the global economy. Lyrical, visually intriguing, and entertaining, Al Más Allá is at once reportage into the expansive world of drug trafficking across Mexico and an ironic indictment of the cult of the documentary filmmaker whose romantic visions of herself and her mission often obscures the very truth she seeks. MORE INFO

Campaign and Mental (Two Screenings to Enjoy!)


Monday, January 10 & Tuesday, January 11, 2011
@ International House

Director Kazuhiro Soda in person

Inspired by the direct cinema tradition, Kazuhiro Soda has been developing his own observational method of documentary filmmaking. In January Scribe, presents Campaign and Mental, the first two films in his observational film series.

Jan 10: Campaign (Senkyo) is a riotously funny verité documentary that closely follows a heated election campaign in Kawasaki, Japan, revealing the true nature of "democracy." MORE INFO

Jan 11: Mental (Seishin) is a revealing look at mental illness, a taboo subject in Japanese society. MORE INFO

Lourdes Portillo: Stretching the Boundaries of Nonfiction Filmmaking


DATE: Tuesday, November 2; TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Postponed)

Instructor: Lourdes Portillo
Fee: $25. $20 for Scribe members

Due to a personal emergency, Lourdes Portillo will not be able to come to Philadelphia to teach this Master Class. Please stay tuned as we are planning to bring her to Philadelphia at a later date. The screening of her film Al Mas Alla will take place as planned on November 1, 7pm at the Prince Music Theater

Over the course of her 32 year career, Lourdes Portillo has pushed the boundaries of traditional documentary filmmaking. Deploying irony, satire, allegory, poetry, autobiography and even melodrama, Portillo’s unorthodox means of exploring her subject has produced lyrical, visually intriguing, and entertaining award-winning films. Portillo’s Master Class will consist of a survey of the creative strategies that she used in some of her most cutting edge documentaries -- from conception to the final editing phase. She will also discuss with participants their respective proposals and together look for new and innovative ways of approaching their documentaries. READ MORE.

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Stanley Nelson: The Art of the Interview


DATE: Tuesday, October 12; Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM; FALL 2010

Instructor: Stanley Nelson
Fee: $25. $15 for Scribe members

Testimony from witnesses interviewed in Stanley Nelson's The Murder of Emmett Till (2003) was cited as a major factor in the U.S. Justice Department’s decision to reopen the murder investigation after almost 50 years. In this Master Class, Emmy award winning director Stanley Nelson will show clips from this film and other films he has directed and present strategies for getting the best information from your interviews. Participants will learn how to come up with questions that prompt the most engaging answers, enable interviewee to tell her/his complete story, and how to work effectively with a camera crew.

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Have You Heard From Johannesburg

Directed by Connie Field

Have You Heard From Johannesburg is an epic 7 part documentary chronicling the global struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa. Directed by two Academy Award nominated Connie Field

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