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Scribe Video Center
4212 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104
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Scribe instructors and facilitators are also talented and prolific filmmakers. In celebration of our 25th anniversary we have assembled a diverse collection of their work, both old and new. Experience tales of family, conflict, families in conflict, cab drivers, technology, community and more. This screening is co-curated with Deborah Rudman.

The pre-show features music by Jawanza Kobie and trailers for upcoming films Closer to Home (7.5 min, trailer), directed byBarbara Kigozi and produced by Maria Cortese Hering, about the filmmaker’s return to her native Uganda to explore her parent’s reasons for sending her away during the chaos of Idi Amin’s dictatorship and Carmella Vassor Johnson’s Quasi Normal portrait of German born choreographer Susanne Linke, a maverick know for pushing boundaries, as she creates a new work for the Jeanne Ruddy Dance company where the process is anything but nearly normal.

Philadelphia poet Carol Rabuck and animator Lowell Boston collaborate on Late August (2008, 1:15 min) where text, motion and sound combine to create the lazy feel of the end of summer.

Wendy Weinberg’s Carriage Needle Dial Spring (4 min) celebrates the tactile and auditory pleasures of obsolete technology from manual typewriters to springw-wound movie cameras.

In Stepping Upworld (2007, 3 min) Valerie Keller plays with perspective transforming an ordinary walk down a city sidewalk into a magical game of perception and optical illusion.

Gail Lloyd’ssafer sex “public service announcement”, Just Once (2 min) is also a sexy depiction of desire between two women.

Fadi Flies a Kite (4 min) by Sharon Mullally shows how the simplicity and beauty of an action confirms the value of every small movement toward nonviolent resolution to conflict. Filmed during the second Palestinian intifada in 2002, as Israeli tanks and jeeps patrol the streets in the Occupied West Bank, 14-year old Fadi defies curfew and goes up to his rooftop to fly a homemade kite — an act of defiance, hope and a refusal to be made invisible.

In Veteran Cabby (2007, 5 min) documentary filmmaker Fivel Rothberg by chance hops in cab of an Iraq war veteran and gets him to reluctantly share a tragic story. Produced during a master class with internationally renowned filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, this short experimental narrative complicates the division between citizen and soldier, narrative and documentary.

Andreas Nicolini, who moved from Chile to Philadelphia in 1989, produced this poetic essay #28 (1992, 7 min) about the emotional peaks and valleys of living outside one's home country.

City Steps (2007, 1 min) is a fresh and spontaneous dance/film collaboration between filmmaker Graham Hancockand dancer Zoia Cisneros.

Ellen Reynolds’ C’est Levee(2008, 10 min) follows The Krewe de Vieux, a carnival krewe known for its biting political satire and take no prisoners parade themes during Mardi Gras 2006, the first after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

BF+/-.5 (2008, 6 min) by Pablo Colapinto is an experimental Sci-Fi exploration of analogue and digital video techniques, live compositing, and live video sequencing, featuring a Paik-Abe and Sandin synthesizers.

Michael O’Reilly’s Berks and Belgrade (5:33 min) observes the run of the mill and extraordinary happenings at this Fishtown intersection, its characters and stories revealed to the filmmaker over a 5 year period.

Dorothea Braemer is fond of using alternative forms to explore and expand documentary. Her Ten Short Videos About My Childhood Home (2008, 10 min) examines her relationship to her mother, reminiscences of childhood, and the story of three daughters who struggle to find common ground as they help their mother transition from the family home to assisted care.

In Where ever I go…I’m not (2008, 20 min) Margie Strosser shares an autobiographical essay about an Italian vacation that becomes a spiritual identity crisis

This show is amazing. I hope

This show is amazing. I hope to see it again. Anxiety Lie Review

greetings from naureen nora.

greetings from naureen nora. Warm wishes!