From Victim To Survivor

Produced by: 
Women Organized Against Rape & Scribe Video Center,
18 min

Margie Strosser with assistance from Jennifer Key Baker

This important video sensitively depicts the ability of victims of sexual assault to become survivors, and shows how Women Organized Against Rape helps women to heal and cope.

Founded in Philadelphia, in 1973, Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) is a vital non-profit organization dedicated to addressing sexual violence in our society. For almost thirty years, WOAR has worked together with police, hospitals and courts to serve the needs of survivors of sexual violence.

Margie Strosser is an award-winning producer, director and writer in television and film whose projects include the autobiographical documentary "Rape Stories," and fictional works such as "Strange Weather" and "Moon Juice." Recently, Margie was the senior producer/writer for three seasons of "Birth Day," the Discovery Health Channel's highest rated daytime show. She and writing partner Cate Wilson are currently collaborating on a romantic comedy and a psychological thriller adapted from a British novel.


April 1993 - Afterimage, Volume 20, Number 9, "Envisioning Communities," by E. Deidre Pribam