(In Stereo) Types

Produced by: 
R.A.V.E. (Reaching Adolescents Via Education) and Scribe Video Center
14:30 minutes

"I think stereotypes exist, for the most part, because human beings will only do as much as we have to do. We're lazy. I think it's a very human thing to sort and group and categorize people," says a R.A.V.E. member calmly. But (In Stereo) types uses humor, rap, laugh out loud Hollywood clips and poignant testimony of their own experiences as stereotypees and stereotypers to make a good point. Unchecked stereotyping dehumanizes us all, whether it's in your face -- "People who know I'm gay ask me if do hair. I say, no, not all of us do hair. Some of dance." -- or mortifyingly unconscious -- "I asked an Asian woman who walked into the store I work at if she was the delivery person. I just assumed! It was so embarrassing!" Settle in for an eye-opening trip as four Latino and African American teens detail the amusing and sometimes hurtful array of assumptions they face in their daily public and private lives.

Reaching Adolescents Via Education (RAVE), a program of the GALAEI (Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative) Project, is a peer-based, peer-run, sexual health education program for Latino/a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning teens (LGBTQ), Latino youth, and LGBTQ youth. RAVE addresses self-esteem issues, mental health, preventive health, HIV/AIDS, STDs, substance abuse, homophobic violence, conflict resolution and mediation, through peer mentoring and interactive workshops.

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

November 17, 2001 - Part of Community Visions premiere held at the Prince Music Theater (Philadelphia, PA)