Precious Places Community History Project Vol. 6

Produced by: 
Scribe Video Center and Various Community Organizations

Scribe Video Center’s
Precious Places Community History Project Vol. 6

While tourists head straight for the city’s official “Historic District” and native Philadelphian’s think they have seen it all, Scribe Video Center’sPrecious Places Community History Project reveals bypassed neighborhood sites as bright landmarks that surprise and inspire residents and visitors alike. Using the video documentary as a storytelling medium, neighborhood residents have come together to document the oral histories of their communities. Over the past 7 years Scribe has collaborated with community groups from Philadelphia, Chester, Ardmore, and Camden to produce 59 community histories. Precious Places is a regional history, an occasion for neighbors to tell their own stories about and the people and places that make their communities unique. Volume 6 features 8 videos covering themes that include race relations, racial segregation and integration, urban renewal, community arts, women's issues and spaces of worhip.


Brothers & Sisters: Sharing our Legacy by Calhoun Family and Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of the  Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc
The house at 1007 Belmont Avenue was a cornerstone for its neighborhood and the city during fifty years of civil rights struggles. (12:22)

Bury Me in a Free Land: The Story of Eden Cemetery by Friends of Historic Eden Cemetery
As a sacred burial space for African Americans, Eden's rich history includes a complicated relationship with neighboring residents. (12:03)

King's Highway Bridge, Holmesburg, Pennsylvania by Friends of Pennypack Park and Holmesburg Civic Association
A 334-year-old bridge has witnessed the Revolutionary War, the founding of Holmesburg and countless seasons in the Pennypack. (10:33)

High School Park by Friends of High School Park
After a fire destroyed a former high school in Cheltenham, neighbors came together to restore the site's native ecosystem. (8:27)

Making a Homeplace: The Historically Black Neighborhood of Swarthmore by Historically Black Neighborhood of Swarthmore Precious Places Team

A community remembers the character and traditions that have shaped their neighborhood since the Great Migration. (10:43)


La Mott Community Garden: A Very Precious Place by La Mott Community Garden Group
La Mott's colorful history is remembered, as neighbors fight to save their 80-year-old community garden from developers (12:36)

The Philadelphia Lazaretto by Lazaretto Preservation Association of Tinicum Township
Neighbors, historians and decendants of immigrants who were held at the Lazaretto, reflect on the former hospital's years as a quarantine facility. (9:51)

Nile Swim Club by Nile Swim Club
Facing discrimination at the local swimming pool, African Americans in Yeadon built a new, non-segregated swim club in 1958. (11:03)