Hands Of Learning

Produced by: 
Hunter Elementary School, Claymobile & Scribe Video Center,
18 min

Marjorie Good, Nathalie Applewhite, and Eric Prykowski

This video portrays a vibrant partnership between the Claymobile, a traveling ceramic arts class, and the Hunter Elementary School in Philadelphia. It's a valuable and inspiring resource for art teachers, with many eclectic and innovative ideas on how to structure interdisciplinary classes using clay and pottery as a tool to understand science, architecture, and the environment.

Hunter Elementary School is a North Philadelphia based elementary school that educates a little over 600 students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Each summer, college interns, ceramists and high school teaching assistants load up the Clay Studio's Claymobile with tools and clay and visit area community centers, teen detention centers, schools, summer camps and social service shelters that cannot afford clay classes. The program is funded by churches, local charities, and partially by the host sites.