Currency Of Community

Produced by: 
Triangle Interests
13 min

Dorothea Braemer and Wendy Weinberg

Sometimes it's all about money, honey. Triangle Interests is a lesbian membership association committed to creating opportunities for women to improve their economic status through education and socially responsible investment opportunities. Their video wisely emphasizes the importance of women taking care of their own economic futures and ways women can use their economic power in a positive and constructive manner.

Triangle Interests (TI) is a national lesbian membership association created in 1991 as a 501(c) charitable nonprofit organization. T.I. sponsors Triangle Interests Federal Credit Union (TIFCU), the first and only national lesbian credit union in the United States.

Dorothea Braemer is the Director of Squeaky Wheel Media Center and is a media artist whose work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, the Anthology Film Archive, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on PBS and festivals in the US and abroad.

Wendy Weinberg is an Assistant Professor of Film/Video at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Weinberg has edited numerous projects, including "Sara Steele: A Portrait", a video about the prominent watercolor artist. In addition, she served as consulting editor for Charlene Gilbert's hour-long documentary, "Homecoming", an ITVS sponsored film airing nationally on PBS in 2000. The film, produced by Kinfolks, is a personal documentary on the history of Black farmers in the South. To date, Weinberg's Academy-Award nominated film, "Beyond Imagining" has screened at over 30 national and international festivals (and numerous other events) and has aired on PBS stations in New York and Philadelphia, as well as Australia, Scandinavia, and Ireland.

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

September 20, 1996 - Part of Community Visions premiere at International House (Philadelphia, PA)