Community Visions 2010

Community Visions Project of 2010

Stepping Into It!  Chester’s Co-op Addresses Community Food Access Dilemma by Chester’s Community Grocery Co-op

With their documentary, Stepping Into It!, members of the Chester’s Community Grocery Co-op address health and food access issues in Chester—a city with no supermarket and limited access to fresh food—and how residents can make change for their community through organization and action.  (14:51)

Stolen Dreams: The Impact of Trying and Locking up Youth as Adults by the Youth Art and Self-empowerment Project

Through interviews with young people inside and outside the criminal justice system, the Youth Art and Self-empowerment Project confronts Act 33, a law allowing youth to be tried and incarcerated as adults.  Their video, Stolen Dreams, explores the impact this practice has on young people, their families and our communities. (22:34)

DHS, Give Us Back Our Children! by the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network

The Every Mother is a Working Mother Network documents the stories of mothers and grandmothers who are fighting to get their children out of foster care.  Through these testimonies, their film, DHS Give Us Back Our Children, challenges the logic of the Foster Care industry by explaining how mothers are frequently—often unjustly—separated from their children. (17:59)

Bridgeway, Inc.: A Community-Based Empowerment Center by Bridgeway, Inc.

In the middle of the Tioga neighborhood, Bridgeway Inc. has sought to build community and strengthen the lives of its members and neighbors.  Their film describes the history of Tioga and the events that led to Bridgeway’s founding, showing the ways the community and the organization depend on each other. (22:14)