Community Visions 2006

Community Visions Project of 2006

A Glance Into the Life by Colours/ Acres of Change and Scribe Video Center, Alpa Patel and Amanda Whittenberger

This video illuminates the life and circumstance of LGBTQ youth of color, ages 16-22, through the exploration of their personal stories. It also dispels myths and provides much needed community resources. COLOURS's mission is to garner the strengths and talents of sexual minority people of color: male, female, transgender, African American, Latino, Asian American to construct an affirming and caring community. (18:06)

To Invite the World to Come and Learn Art by Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial and Scribe Video Center

The Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial is the oldest and largest tuition-free community-based arts school in the nation. Present and former students collaborated to create a documentary about the importance of art making. (12:24)

Under the Baobab Tree by Pan African Studies Community Education Program [PASCEP] and Scribe Video Center

PASCEP is a 32-year-old, all volunteer education and outreach program that was created out of struggles in 1970s to make Temple University more responsive to the African American community in North Philadelphia where the University is based. Their video is a celebration of the history and the influence of this institution has had and all the incredible artists and educators who have come through PASCEP's doors. (16:37)

West Park: A Community in Transition by West Park Cultural and Opportunity Center and Scribe Video Center

The history of this neighborhood bordering the west side of Fairmount Park is told by longtime community members. They examine the possible impact of the change taking place in their community as a result of rapid development. (15:43)