Soks "Save Our Kids"

Producer of the Work / Filmmaker: 

Produced by Princeton Atelier and Scribe Video Center

Filmmaker Facilitator: 

Louis Massiah, Charlene Gilbert and Carlton Jones

Year released: 
10 minutes

$20 for individuals / $35 for Community Institutions ie: libraries, schools, non-profits / $50 for Universities & Businesses

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To purchase a DVD please call 215 222 4201 or email

"When I was a child, Princeton was a real small community — everybody knew everybody," says SOKS founder Hank Pannell, whose goal was to recreate the small community of his childhood. "Princeton has the same needs as any inner city," observes SOKS member Tom Parker, "but the problems are being overlooked because it is Princeton." The men involved with SOKS all have the same mission — to make a difference in the lives of young African-American boys, ages 10 through 16, growing up in the Princeton community.

Filmmaker's Name: 
Princeton Atelier
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The idea for Princeton University's Princeton Atelier was sparked by novelist and Professor Toni Morrison's experiences collaborating on a song cycle, Honey and Rue, commissioned by Carnegie Hall for opera star Kathleen Battle. That project brought her together with André Previn who scored the music for the piece. In the Atelier program, Professor Morrison tries to capture the same excitement this collaborative experience offered her. The Atelier brings together on campus guest artists from different media for an intensive, in-residence collaborative effort with each other and Princeton's faculty and students. The focus of the Atelier is on the process of creating a work of art rather than on the finished product, and guest artists bring to campus an idea they want to create, explore, and develop. The "SOKS - Save Our Kids " videotape was produced in an Atelier directed by Louis Massiah and facilitated by Princeton students.

The "SOKS" program works to further community identification and provide high quality mentoring, recreation, and learning opportunities for young males in the Witherspoon area of Princeton, New Jersey.


September 10, 1997 - "Toni Morrison's Atelier: Students and professionals join forces to create art from the heart," by Deborah A. Kaple, Princeton Alumni Weekly

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